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is now micro-blog’s "fire" gas is still strong, many companies are doing the micro-blog marketing, guest can also do the micro-blog marketing. At present, high visibility, large number of users of micro-blog Sina micro-blog, micro-blog is a Tencent, we can make good use of it, the preparatory work is a micro.

Tao is very profitable, it is synonymous with "new era" Amoy off Taobao, "after the" Amoy era (after the Shanghai K love said of an aged person called the station after the era, the main reason is the Tao) love Shanghai and Taobao competition led to the innocent – Amoy sorrow, love Shanghai to ban Tao the station, originally included hundreds of thousands of pages of the station was in love with the sea K left home, facing the sea with K station is

brand products guide

webmaster can only endure in silence?

now guest most of the sites are all the same, and the station on the Internet a grasp of a lot, the user has not much attraction, so now do a category of products, such as skin care category, breast enhancement, losing weight, women’s clothing, shoes class, such a special shopping products that will look professional and meticulous, consumers have more trust, and a single product commission rate high, income is high. As long as you do, the keywords ranking do go up, still worry about the income of

K continue to love Shanghai station guest can go far? Many webmaster is doing API call station, Shanghai reached the point of love is the large-scale API station are banned, can be said that this type of station can not success Amoy dream of making money, so in the end can not Amoy road continue? The answer is yes, to abandon the API station distinctive content sites can also survive, even farther below the author sum up how to do after the guest time:


abandoned API station, we do have the practical value of the shopping guide website content consultation, can do fashion information network, adding information on the website in the product guide, there is no reason to reject the user with useful information such as shopping, search engine has no reason to refuse collection of valuable content, and this kind of website user viscosity is high, the risk of large transactions. To do this station to spend some thought and effort, because the more content, to update every day, workload is bigger.

do small marketing

This is the

segments of

segments, designed to do a certain brand shopping guide, pre build a website framework, brand products in the home layout and related articles, updated daily articles, allowing users to read, for a long time back rate will be high. I saw a kind of this kind of website, we can refer to, it sells goods list on the home page on the right layout, on the left is the relevant information and articles, set the chain to the official flagship store channel column. This type of station conversion rate is high, the monthly income of thousands is not a problem.

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