first, want to learn Shanghai dragon must understand what is the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) referred to as many times as we enter a misunderstanding, think of Shanghai dragon is the key ranking, in fact, in my opinion, Shanghai dragon is to make the search engine better index through the website structure and adjust the site, and to know precisely what is the theme of the site, and enhance the user experience, allowing users to understand your website is what to do, what is the use of him.

, a website structure

actually I’ve written about Shanghai Longfeng foundation simplified the only three points, namely: structure + content + link, how do we master these, I’ll detail below.


Shanghai, after several years of development, has been hot up, more and more people to study Shanghai dragon team, more and more people have tendency. But Shanghai dragon in China started after all the time is not long, coupled with the national conditions and online knowledge uneven in quality articles, led to many new learning in the process of taking a lot of detours. Of course, I am not what Shanghai dragon master is 08 years, I began to learn the Shanghai dragon, is relatively late, in the process of detour, so I have some experience. Someone may say, now Shanghai dragon has been popularized, what to learn, should learn the network marketing is, I want to say is that Shanghai dragon itself is the content of network marketing, and network marketing is always in the most cost-effective way, Shanghai dragon will never become obsolete, can only upgrade. Shanghai dragon to want to learn friends here to share learning how the system of Shanghai dragon.

how to build a good website structure, there is a need to acquire the necessary knowledge of HTML code, CSS, W3C standard and site procedures, of course I am not asking for everyone to learn what will be, but at least you should be able to understand the basic HTML code, can search engine principle in understanding of the website a grasp of direction. In fact, we better understand the technology, after all the artists communication with programmer or sometimes there are some obstacles.

Shanghai dragon is a system engineering, I recommend Shanghai dragon before learning to look at some books about search engine principle or eBook (the end I will provide a PDF document), of course, for the search engine technology will not have to study, we only need to look at the indexing and retrieval and the word segmentation principle. Why would you want to know these, because eventually, the search algorithm upgrade is on the basis of these, the principle is not change. In fact, a lot of knowledge on the Internet are can find, we also want to learn to use search problems, go to search, don’t think about looking for someone to help solve, if it is search can not solve and then ask someone else.

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