spider will index to the web pages into the database and inside the archive is the first time the snapshot update, but this does not fully explain the first of the sites included is the original, because of the time and frequency of different site spider crawling is different, here suggest Adsense on their own websites included before publication to other websites.

has always been to love Shanghai how to judge whether a website article is original, or reproduced by questioning whether it is how to judge it? In A5 recently cast a few soft, just started on its website published online cat guest, not surprisingly A5 soon included, and I love Shanghai’s website is still missing, then continued to appear this article has been collected nearly 10 times, this time I still love Shanghai station bulibucai. Know more than half a day in the past, my own website article was finally included, but the result is miserable, was placed on the fourth page of a humble position, my mood seems to be down to the freezing point.

general webmaster will contribute in the bottom link in the article, although it is easier to through with the user experience, but if it is reproduced without a link will let readers and search engines to determine which is the original, at the same time he also lost a lot of chain. The number of the chain to love Shanghai for their site of the original judgment, I think love >

snapshot date.


a few days later, I observe the other included site in this guide link increases very little. At the same time, the soft article ranking I found love Shanghai still halt the troops and wait at the home, in addition to A5 other websites all the articles are almost reproduced or pseudo original, more intolerable is that some of the articles are "pseudo" recognition, read the level of pure challenge readers, in their reading ability said the helpless also questioned the Shanghai algorithm for love.

in love after the Shanghai earthquake, although many garbage station one after another fall, but there are still many acquisition station standing, and some innocent K site that stationmaster Voices of discontent. But in a period of time due to marketing reasons, the chain and a lot of my article whether original reprint never included, even right down the situation. The exclusion of other factors, the original is in fact is an important factor that affects Shanghai frequently love crazy, Adsense Encyclopedia for everyone to guess the bold Shanghai is how to judge the original and reproduced:

Shanghai is in shock love my fragile heart? No, for second days, my website immediately appear on the home page, in spite of a squeeze to the front is not on the location. My guess is that the next day, the reverse link to my site to start a large-scale increase in ranking love Shanghai and made an adjustment to the station I trust, whether it can determine which site is the original, I still dare not to jump to conclusions.

Two. The chain number

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