With the long tail keywords

the first thing I got up every thing and most webmaster is concerned about the website changes, in January 5, 2013, this is a memorable day, because of the long tail word on this day I have several websites I introduced more than 100+ traffic, this is a happy thing, I talk about how to reasonable use of long tail keywords into the long tail flow accumulation of long tail users.

then we need to dig out, is not to say that our mining long tail keywords have effect, may have traffic for most of the long tail keywords, but there are a lot of traffic will not, this time we need to make a combination of these long tail keywords, and combined with the most simple method is through the index query or love Shanghai included pages of results combined with the exclusion of those none or very few people visit the long tail words, excluding those too competitive, included the long tail word too many pages, with long tail keywords finally choose several intermediate, or as an example to our products: our long tail keywords can say the price and function *, * * * effect and product benefits. This merger will help web traffic and rankings.

first we need to excavate the long tail keywords, long tail keywords in different industries have different, but eventually, for most of the words is the long tail keywords: very good, good, how, how, and how to price effect is good, the official website, and more and more. In words, but after we clear these words in the long tail and long tail keywords reasonable mining method according to their own website, such as you do the product, so it can dig out the long tail keywords: * * * * * product, how, how to * * * * *, the price of the product; by the same token you do, join the service, so most people will search in the search time: * * * * good words? Effect, mining long tail keywords is actually very simple, Remember the general method can be combined with the industry.


finally we must reasonable optimization of the long tail word of their choice, generally long tail keywords are optimized with the anchor text, content >

webmaster to again after the merger of their keyword analysis, establish the long tail of the column page and the content, the long tail keywords is not to say that after the merger can be used as the column page, this is not a mature approach, the number of columns in the small site is limited, we can not do a 7,8 column in a small site in the long tail word so I suggest you Adsense will be able to quickly profit or the minimum competition on the website column page, the difficulty of the long tail Word Layout in the description, the layout of the long tail word flow less in website content into the page, through this layout can make their own site long tail keywords the reasonable and standard, when analyzing the long tail keywords don’t lose.

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