this month I do I feel really pretty much. Mainly from three aspects to do, first to optimize the internal site prior to the course to do the three work, the website title description, keywords layout etc..

to the Shanghai Dragon Well, strong execution is essential. As we do outside the chain, if you do not go to the hair of the chain, do not take the initiative to find the chain, the chain number of your site is not possible. Every time I make a new website will set a goal for himself, as if I open a blog before, when the newly opened requirements of their every day to write a original article up, adhere to the results in less than a month, would not hold out, becoming two days a or more.

I think a new website in order to enhance the weight of the website, we should turn to the lead over Shanghai spiders love. I do the chain way is to collect dozens of Links platform, and on these platforms is first to see his website the speed is not fast, I usually find this website can be included site and every day for his ten or so. Plus day to some B2B platform release information, one or two weeks outside the chain can reach hundreds of.


second is the content of the website:

the love of Shanghai spider to the site later if there is no content to grab his word, what is no good. So in this month, I basically every day to add a site to two articles, of course, the original is not possible, so I increased the content of mostly false original article. May be because of the recent love spiders in Shanghai interested in new content, general pseudo original articles soon to be included to love Shanghai.

of course alone outside the chain of some Links platform is not enough, we also need some key Links. Due to the network company to come to work, the first day of the boss to me directly hundreds of Web site management, so for the Links is still a lot of resources. Every day a few keywords link to the website. So >

third is the site of the Links:

the ranking of a website with the work you do is proportional to, only your real efforts to do up, keyword ranking can be quick. When it comes to this have to say about one of my sites. Last month the company gave me a single, the boss asked me within one month of the keywords (light and plastic) do love Shanghai home. A new station to the two words do love Shanghai home is still very difficult in a month. But at that time because I’m just into the company, can only to do. Results one month after the two words really do love Shanghai home page.

is the first site to do the chain:

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