recently often see some Adsense said in Links exchange each other always ask: snapshot N, weight > N, the heart can not help but make confused, although these can in certain circumstances reflect the status of the site, but in some special cases, these three are useless.

2. server changes: if the site because of the move and change to a new server would cause the snapshot stop loving Shanghai.

site is down right: if your site is cheating or because the quality or waste site, will cause you to love Shanghai website right down, which will affect the snapshot.

1. changes: Site Title site title is one of the important factors for the search engine rankings, they all know that can not easily change the title, the title change after Shanghai will love for a long time, to the site of the new rankings, natural will stop updating the snapshot.

4. Shanghai is the algorithm formula and external links is proportional to the chain the more your PR is higher, but remember that PR is Google, Google is not a love Shanghai, PR doesn’t mean you love Shanghai better ranking. is updated every few months, even if the PR really useful that data are not allowed to have any value.

PR:pr is the full name of PageRank is presented by Larry Page is divided into 0-10 level. PR useless for the following reasons:

love their own problems: when love Shanghai a big update will continue after debugging, the snapshot also appeared in disorder, some continue to update the snapshot, some snapshot has stagnated, more is some snapshots back a few years ago. hijacked a web site to a 301 PR high site, such as PR updates, their PR and 301 PR of the site. It can take this PR to cheat Links.

also has a lot of influence snapshot:

Shanghai: Shanghai love love weight weight? Love Shanghai never said their weight, although love said Shanghai prepare a similar tool, but not out, now the so-called love Shanghai weights are generally station or station of their own love according to a set of algorithms to calculate >

But 3.

snapshot: snapshot is the search engine search procedures for internal processing to process the data on the network, a specific manifestation of the index storage file data is the love of Shanghai. Love is the snapshot of a site in Shanghai to grab when established, the purpose is to prevent the site not open to the website can access the website snapshot through carelessness. The update speed of a website snapshot also illustrates another form of search engine website value degree.

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