third, the construction site outside the chain will always firmly checks the quality and frequency of. Site outside the chain and content is the site optimization factors most likely to cause drop right, content of right down.

second, enterprise website must pay attention to details and content optimization. We know the website optimization in addition to the site planning stage there is a very important daily optimization work, is the content of the website and the construction of the chain, said the two site optimization problem can not be avoided, as the author thinks that the enterprise website optimization process for the construction of the content we can have a day for website updates, but must be fixed an update frequency, such as every Wednesday and Friday to update a specific and so on to be analyzed according to the degree of competition in the industry, the general competitive industry can reduce the frequency of updates, but to grasp the point of content quality must pass, love Shanghai Mars love Shanghai recent white paper is not difficult to find, the website content quality the station is also criticized love Shanghai and urged the problem seriously, so we can not in the website content One new process, must combine the content quality and user experience of the two, the completion of each article are to ask yourself why you can get those things from this article?, these things are concerned by customers? Understand these questions the quality of content to cross the border.

as everyone knows, the enterprise website operation optimization details is very important, many owners in the process of optimization of enterprise website, every day doing some useless work such as site pseudo original many articles, the chain construction is also in order to cope with the job, the signature of the chain to release many BBS every day, a large number of blog, these methods although convenient, but the key is often the site encountered down the right, as an enterprise how to optimize the site and we avoid the drop right problem, we continued good gossip short, to enter today’s topic, how to optimize the enterprise website in order to effectively circumvent the site right down to.

first, enterprise website and content of the construction of the best rich. The author in the process of promotion were found in many enterprises website content is very monotonous. The home page in addition to the big screen banner, almost no news value, and some in Shanghai better optimal weight high site no one outside is not the best embodiment of rich content, we take stationmaster network as an example, almost all the webmaster industry news information, Shanghai dragon why Shanghai as richness most professional in the field of the Dragon portal content is also remarkable, although corporate website competition is relatively small, but this is not our monotonous content. We want to win in the competition, we must be rich in content, including the column to be as comprehensive as possible, the content of the website, the original degree of professionalism and combined with the way and the key point is not to the customer after entering it a copycat version of " " feeling. The user enters that site more professional, for a long time, experience naturally increased, risk right down naturally greatly reduced.

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