investment is a huge wave, and entrepreneurship is a huge wave, and the interaction between investors and entrepreneurs has become a new wave. I do a cross-border investors and entrepreneurs, two jobs Note: Note man Hai Quan is also a famous musician, three hats, both for all the status of empathy, status of the investors have experienced today with my own thinking, experience and personal reflection to share.

has three points:

, whether or not it works, at least close enough to satisfy everyone’s curiosity: Hu Haiquan, what exactly are you,

business leverage competition,



Where is the

for example, brand power, Yu Quan is not brand?. Is Hu Haiquan a brand, too?. Everyone has knowledge, but the age difference of this cognitive group is quite large.

business leverage is competition of resources, Yu Quan or Hu Haiquan have what resources? Performance resources and influence of the resources in the audience in the cognitive ability into cross-border influence? For example, I have the media >


is the first advertisement, network advertisement is to earn money, the key is your standing flow to be big, also must choose appropriate advertisers, some junk online alliance don’t do it, you also do not flow again big money, most give you a little hard, the best contact with you about the theme of the Forum of corporate advertising, will have a good effect. Typically, there is

this kind of forum model needs to have bigger flow, reach certain influence, force, time is longer.

interactive entertainment era, star IP on product marketing what is the role of

3. cognitive power.


this site VIP membership in two ways, one is for your VIP area, the other is the main charge, this forum is very good, the creative achievements of many websites, people also saw the importance of creative success of a website, the forum dedicated to provide some good ideas to do stand ideas, promotion profit good ideas are original and practical information, fees are not high 60 yuan can get lifetime membership account, compared with some information website hundreds of membership fees, the majority of users can be accepted. The forum has been profitable for thousands of months a month, and its membership has reached more than 100.

Webmaster Station forum bbs.chinaz. One month forum advertising tens of thousands of

it’s also based on my own understanding.

each of our entrepreneurs, every day thinking about these problems, every day through a variety of ways to obtain new knowledge, I came on the way to think about a lot of their own insights, and share with you.

third, rental space, you may have heard filed 39 Health Network Forum, the forum is to profit rental to Guangdong health consultation and hospital units, this is actually a very worthwhile approach, some real enterprises now have joined the network marketing, but it is a popular gathering the problem, directly to a hot forum here is a shortcut, which is the market.

notes, think first:

in this era, how should entrepreneurs integrate resources and shape their brand power?

editor’s note: This article from the WeChat public, "notes man" ID:Notesman, in March 4, 2017, by the Jingdong public record school hosted third fourth courses: "financing and risk control," notes man as a partner, the organizers and speakers review authorization notes man first exclusive notes; 36 by Krypton authorized release.

flow bonus period has passed, how do business start-ups cash flow and do brand marketing?

1. leverage of business;

cross-border era, what kind of labels are possible, a person has so-called social "cognitive label" is a huge influence and resources, I share the following content and influence, resources related.

, where is the strong fulcrum for investors and entrepreneurs?

fourth, to carry out offline business activities, which is currently some forums, especially local forums generally adopted an effective way to carry out through member gatherings, group buying, and other businesses to cooperate with some brigades

behind the times: im286. Home page ads, a bit 3000/ months, and banner

2. brand power;

second, a VIP suites, restricted access to specific pages, to charge membership fees. The forum is powerful, you can limit the special pages to provide specific information, must be the sole original practical information, and the best preserved routine to discuss the layout, to retain visitors. This class must start with a charging page so that visitors will get used to it at first. Profit from the beginning, because VIP members will be charged as soon as they join, there are many forums for members to upgrade VIP, in fact, disguised fees, typically


What are the dimensions of the ? ?

recently, a lot of people are very confused about the profit model of the forum, so they want to write a related article. In fact, the forum is also a website. The profit model, of course, begins with the traditional profit model of websites.

Internet Network creative forum cy123.net

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