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5. content rich

website will have a core keywords, usually also is our theme. All our forum content will revolve around the theme of. For example, we do Shanghai Longfeng forum, then all sections of our forum should be as much as possible and Shanghai dragon. And some related areas, such as irrigation area, will reduce the relevance of the website.


navigation, the most important content in web pages is obviously on the front page of the forum content. In general the more close to the location of the navigation area is more important. The upper left corner of the content than the lower right corner of the content has a higher weight. So, we usually will be the most important content in the left navigation below the 2/3 position, which allows users to find what he wants in the shortest time, is conducive to the user experience of the website.

navigation design

is clearly the title is a very important. The title should reflect the core content of the page. And be able to fully stimulate the user’s desire to click. The title is the most obvious part of the user in the search results to see the. So the search engine on the title of the weight, correlation is very high. Especially the web page title, equivalent to the entire website program, not only for the home, and the correlation of the whole website has vital role.

navigation is very important. Professional Shanghai dragon will consider using "F" type layout, navigation is often the "F" in the top of a cross. Navigation is not a simple introduction of the company, product list, industry news, contact us this kind of navigation can get good rankings. The location of the navigation is in the page location is very close to the top, but also lead the users to view the contents of the site of the compass. So the navigation should as far as possible to the most important content of our website (including keyword content) in. Moved often find a lot of companies share in the navigation website at the same time: the company, about us, contact us, user message. The content is not on the website ranking bring any good, but occupy the most important position in the website. In fact, these navigation with a "about us" enough, the following two navigation is set.

Title Design of

3. forum layout

Around the theme of


love Shanghai more love to provide users with more rich content site. So often with pictures, flash and video network.

We all know that

is an important factor of the website rankings, noble baby value chain, and love Shanghai more emphasis on site relevance. What is the relationship between the website? When the user search keywords, the search engine will try to return more with the key results. When the page content layout reasonably, no chain can also support the website ranking. Moved today to share with you this: how to increase the site correlation.


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