here is the title to the popular keyword included important.

today I will be ashamed when will Shanghai dragon R, ~

In fact this is a problem of So how to become a

novice veteran? How to make novice will also optimize the popular keyword? Look at the online tutorial, if not completely at the end.

has recently been busy this to a shelf company to do the optimization, think a lot. Received a hand when I tried to diagnose this enterprise website shelves. You will find the website home page, FLASH page. With the general theory of Shanghai dragon or advice, not suitable for optimization, it is best to remove information to call. But I think the real Shanghai dragon is not blindly Mei and search engine, but perfect or "optimization" site in the assessment included the results of search engine, including the structure, content, links and so on. Therefore, I am not going to get rid of FLASH, but instead of calling JS. There is a problem in Shanghai Longfeng manual, there may be a statement. JS is best not to use, because it will affect included. In fact, just love Shanghai spiders can’t climb into the JS inside, but the noble baby can be properly included. JS call is non essential contents of total filtration, the best AJAX. Study on love people in Shanghai know, love Shanghai overall effect on web. When optimizing shelves, on my home page outbound links do a deal. In order to ensure the love Shanghai frequently update access shelf net, the bottom of the home page, I do a text navigation, news center, shelf series products and so on the content of the website listed in the above section. In order to make the user convenient to contact enterprises, at the same time I also briefly describes the contact main products, services and. In fact, the control shelf layout, keyword frequency, they can’t do too obvious. Or affect the user experience.

love Shanghai popular keyword can bring a lot of traffic, it is obvious to people that we. Look at the love Shanghai index, such as the "shelf", "mobile phone" these words every day search volume had a thousand million. Now Shanghai dragon tutorial is "education" we choose optimization keywords to choose the long tail word, non – or is the word (which may sometimes loopholes is hot). It is suitable for optimization, avoid fierce competition.

love Shanghai has more fancy title. This is the center theme, "

shelf website page is relatively simple, a list of product categories, news and so on. Some can’t do for the key words into pictures and try to make them appear less. Love Shanghai general through the title word, if too much or superfluous, will affect the ranking.

at random

. Why? Shanghai dragon in order to search engine love, let him love you, love you, put you in a prominent position – the top, let you get traffic, allowing users to access your site. But if only Shanghai dragon is to bring a little bit of traffic, really not necessary. Perhaps this is necessary, novice.

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