The page text extraction

search engine work in second steps: matching technology

when the text search engines crawl, the next job is the text of the word, a word into a phrase, such as Monkey King Sun Wukong this phrase, will be divided into the monkey king and Sun Wukong two words, such as: the word Yang Liu Lengyue, we can pass this once look at the difference between the word love Shanghai and Google

search engine work in second steps: Chinese segmentation technology

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the two search results is different, Google will be more inclined to her as a noun, so in her Post Bar became the first, and for love! Shanghai, directly to the Yang Liu Lengyue were changed into willow, as is the cold month and so on, but her Post Bar does not appear on the home page, why is there such a clear distinction? The key is Google does not have a proprietary dictionary, so the way, there will be some differences, we should according to different search engine keyword optimization, the contents should be as close to the keywords, not to let the keywords and content separated, such keywords the ranking will be very difficult to go up

for Shanghai dragon staff, the main goal of his work is the search engine, so understanding engine operation mechanism will help us search for search engine optimization, this is equivalent to a country, we must know the actual situation, and then analyze its advantages, and then to be able to advance in one fell swoop destroy each other if you have do not know each other’s actual situation, others that you fail to get ahead of the game is sure! And in the analysis of search engine, know the operation mechanism and segmentation technology is very important! The own opinion with the webmaster friends to share



search engine:

: a positive match, it is positive, Yang Liu Lengyue, this way, help to eliminate ambiguity, make search results more accurate, and will not become such as willow, >

is the first to crawl the page text, general search engines will extract the corresponding words related keywords, there is a meta label and so on, there is the keyword and description and pictures of the ATL attribute, the ALT attribute is required to put the mouse on the picture corresponding to the user to be able to see, in addition to the page is related to text so a lot of FLASH web site in the search engine optimization will eat a lot of losses, because not many of the text, and the search engines will not capture flash source code! So many do flash website optimization basically will compile a set of source programs, so that the relevant text and corresponding content, so as to search engine recognition!

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