fourth, high quality friendship connection to keep up with the correlation. Whether friendship connection has a very important significance in improving the website weight and update snapshot are here, the best friendship connection we find high quality high relevance of friendship connection exchange, with the current PR gradually fade out, as long as their website user experience is good, continue in operation and maintenance, together with their own wholeheartedly, for the connection should not be what difficult things related. Links >

first, the content of high quality is the foundation. Similar to spider habits and our human behavior, for example, we eat at the time is not willing to eat leftovers, who love fresh things. Specific to the spider and this is also a reason, to have fresh food every day, to attract the spider, the concrete manifestation is to high quality content, enrich our website. The fresh also does not exist in the news on the Internet, or view or novel with the user experience of relevant information and so on. This is also back to a foundation about.

third, the construction of the external links of high quality is the core. After more than two points we have from time to time for our site to find high quality external links, because of the high quality of the third party platform whose weight is very high because of its weight as can be imagined, the spider will crawl and a wide range of time on it to stay, we went to this platform to do outreach, can greatly increase our website the exposure rate, increase the chance to grab a spider in our website connection. In practice you can go to the forum posts, such as a push, A5 forum etc.. You can go to the Sina blog, and the blog to write text and so on, these are the author in the article introduced to don’t understand I can understand the A5 space view.

constantly improve the search engine algorithm, and many small and medium-sized enterprises are entering the Internet market, the development of electronic commerce has experienced unprecedented prosperity, how to do a good job in the daily operation and optimization of our site in this period is our Shanghai dragon Er are thinking and learning process, in the face of the website snapshot not update, outreach has shrunk dramatically the site, K, is right down and so on unfavorable factors, how do we find our own shortcomings, the adjustment of operation optimization strategy for website ranking on the fly for a while? We all know the website snapshot is one of the manifestations of the weights of the website, how to make the website snapshot is updated every day, this is the author to share with you today and learning content. Good gossip short we continued into today’s topic.

second, fixed time update to do. We all know that the search engine spider is a crawler robot, has its own unique algorithm, an update with high quality content we have on site, so you can come to our website for the spiders to develop a good habit of crawling, we would like every day at dinner time at dinner. Develop the law, so that the spider will lead us slowly with love on our website.

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