recently I saw some of my site traffic and found a thing, a lot of emotion, that is the flow of the long tail keywords to actually have more than the target keywords. Not much, but more than a single. For example, my website is a stone fish the target keywords, I put the word do love Shanghai ninth, 4 traffic every day. The word index is 260, I know the index itself has some water. But I was only a few sites to flow, which is too poor. Let me more depressed, I two long tail keywords, long tail keywords stone pot and how to maintain the first use of this kind of stone pot with the inside pages to do actually a day can have 5.6 IP.


see this situation we know what I think? That is the mining capability is very important. Keywords mining value is more important, as the target keywords competition will become more and more fierce. Take the stone fish word for natural ranking ten is bidding, to the first row is eleven bits. We are.

long tail keywords is a symbol of a truly successful website in Shanghai Longfeng on, we go to see some slightly the size of the site, traffic sources are generally long tail keywords is the mainstream, the long tail keywords to flow the most, followed by the brand word to flow, then is the target keywords to a few simple the flow. A real source of traffic on the site keywords search engine success must be such a sort: the long tail keywords brand word – target keywords. But from the course website development to see general is upside down, we will first put the target keywords to do search engine home, this time the traffic sources basically depends on the target keywords.


a website only two key words: one is the long tail of the word, the other is a target word. Which word is more important. Between these two words, what are the different? Target keywords is every er must take the Shanghai dragon, to prove its strength lies in front of the boss. Of course, the target keywords are important factors shaping the brand, I think why can Shanghai dragon WHY became the most famous Shanghai dragon in the word brand, a big reason is Shanghai dragon has been ranked in the love Shanghai home for years, accumulated a large number of white users for him. If you are a friend to do business for a long time the target keywords you need to capture, and should be held for a long time, time is more long, you will become a recognized brand in this industry.

, after the target keywords ranking up, indicating the site after the new period, there is a certain weight, it can take some long tail keywords, so with the weight of the website upgrade, also has a long tail keywords ranking. With the group of users is more and more big, more and more users, so the brand up, last words flow to. Now you know what is the name of a successful website. The website traffic should be how to step up.

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