actually, when you choose the keywords, you may have violated your intention, you will. Because you are all toward the flow toward the Money and thus embarked on the optimization of key words of "no return" (this sentence tells the network industry veteran) is new, you focus on these your hobbies, or areas of expertise to build your website. Because you are good at these things, because you love these things, so what do you write in the release of the content on the website, even the original chapter no problem. In the process you website you will not feel tired, but will not feel boring. (this is not to be to experience things, because they are contrary to their original intention) has broken the original wood? Against her own will, have? Here should have sympathy…… At the moment there should be applause.

point: how to choose the target keywords, around 1 popular keywords do their first target keywords, when you select a field or a content after you find the hottest keywords, and then through the keyword mining tools to dig the long tail keywords (long tail keywords contain the target keywords). For example: target keywords "QQ head" by keyword mining tools to find the long tail keywords. To determine the long tail keywords have skills. For example, to determine the target keywords "QQ head girl" first of all, through the love of Shanghai to search the key words, look at the number of relevant content. If the relevant content too much, more than 10 million, so this is not suitable for the novice, because the word network also included the amount of 35 million! Because competitiveness is too big, contains the keywords of "ultra million, great difficulty of optimization, so that the word is not suitable, then immediately change a, find a relative it contains less relevant, for example, the word" QQ head girls back relative index can also be, over a thousand, but the content included only about 500000, this word is relatively good. In fact, by analogy, all target keywords are thus determined. Of course, this is not absolute, because if a keyword index high, related included little, so the word is not very good? You love Shanghai or through the search of the keywords, see row in the home page is what site? If the page ranking are some of the big portal station, according to the key words >

how to choose the target key, first insert a few digression: the line just believe that many friends have had this experience, what kind of experience? Is he learned to use the CMS station or to CMS already know this time you are assorted, want to build a website of their own. I believe that most people think so! But at this time, you need to consider yourself to do what kind of a website? What is around their love or hobbies to do? Or to find a large flow of hot content to do? I want to talk about the latter. Around a large flow of hot content to do, how to choose the target keywords


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