station of Shanghai Longfeng operation optimization summary

10. anchor text diversity

7. the same anchor text do not point to a different URL


18. web site code streamlining

do we stand outside the station, to begin with, if you are a new word, one day is best not too much of the chain, ZAC chiefs said, at present, there is no effect to the chain 99% manual release. And now love Shanghai also hit on this aspect is very strict, so we webmaster chain do not know how to do, how to send. At present, suggest that you learn a > BBM

3. each page should have independent title and description

for Shanghai dragon topic that, we have heard too much, see too much, so want to too much. But there is one point deviate from them, as long as you do not deviate from the track, as long as you follow the rules of the industry of Shanghai dragon, you will never become obsolete, you can always in this industry a piece of. Shanghai dragon help, before also shared some how to release the chain, how to do the optimization of the whole article, today to summarize, a web site, outside the station, how to optimize every detail. Only you do this every detail, your website can go beyond the competitors.

The correlation between

6. different anchor text can refer to the same URL

station Shanghai Longfeng optimization system summary

4. articles about

12. ALT tag

The 8. anchor text

2. sites showed the tree structure of

17. update to attractive

control in 3-5, not too much

9. do the word around

5. navigation using target keywords

14.404 page

11. content

Keywords density 3-8%

15. robots.txt

13. site map

1. each page needs to have independent keyword

station is very important, especially the situation now, the search engine " Scindapsus algorithm ", we should put flowers in the center station, the station only well, search engines love, we have the qualification competition with others. Even if the station is not good, you send the chain more is of no avail. So the station is next, Shanghai dragon help put the details in the station optimization. 1, 2, 3 classification, to facilitate reading.

16. regularly check the site and remove dead links

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