as a web site optimization is the most important work, is the site of the chain optimization, site optimization chain has a very important principle is the higher the quality, the more the better, but many webmaster in the optimization of the chain, the more the value of the number of the chain, while ignoring the quality the chain, because of the high quality of the chain to be more difficult to complete than quantity, so many webmaster to amount to replace the quality, look, this can increase the optimization effect of the chain as a whole, but in fact it has entered a trap chain optimization of

: the anchor text chain diversification, diversification of sources of

the correct construction of the chain, is to give priority to quality, and then is the number, so the quality of the chain what kind of high? That is diversified, from the diversification to the source of the chain link anchor text, write here may be many webmaster friends will think your site is one of the core keywords, if not the core keywords and other words, it is not for making others? This is the site optimization process, many webmaster easy to make a mistake, in fact, the modern long tail theory has been the practice support, a core keyword can be derived from a long tail word, find the long tail keywords have great influence on the anchor text it can realize the diversification of

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with love of Shanghai as everyone knows, the further control of PPC, audit further strict, site of the Shanghai dragon optimization becomes more and more high, whether it is corporate website or personal website, are trying to make their site ranking becomes a little higher, so some also pay better benefits to their majors Shanghai Longfeng optimization staff, but as far as I know, many websites in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, imperceptibly come into the website optimization trap, even some very traditional, due to the misreading of the method, the optimization effect caused by poor! For the optimization of the current crisis in Shanghai dragon, the webmaster friends should do? After the author’s practice, diversification can effectively solve the optimization of the site in Shanghai Longfeng in error The problem here is simple to share


two: the web site of the chain optimization is to achieve diversification of

I know, now in Shanghai Longfeng optimization industry, optimization, chain, the degree of attention is often enough, almost all of the core keywords, will own website inside the countless pages link to the website homepage, looks will increase the weight of your home page, but because many times go to the home, will make love the Shanghai spiders countless times came to the home page, the resulting.

and the diversification of the source of the chain for the website is easy to understand, this diversity mainly refers to not always on a web site in the chain, want to let the website chain sources more of their own, and their own website content relevance a little higher, the chain number such that only on the website of the Shanghai dragon optimization effect would be better


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