enterprise website optimization need to pay attention to: Shanghai dragon

can not be impatient! Not even took the enterprise website optimization list also don’t be afraid. On the basis of data analysis, combined with the characteristics and advantages of the products of the enterprise’s own optimization and promotion.

enterprise website content if not professional, it will not show the degree of professional and technical strength. Trust of the enterprise or indirectly affect customer sites, to a certain extent will reduce the volume.

face don’t understand Shanghai dragon industry enterprise customers, we need to do is not to mislead, try not to give affirmation and guarantee 100%. From an ordinary consumer perspective combined with the Shanghai dragon, for customers to analyze site defects. According to industry situation and the marketing pattern gives reasonable analysis and improvement. Special group of industry positioning, accurate intention type consumption group introduced. But in the end, enterprises can rely on these by the website to bring customers and become bigger and stronger, eventually see the enterprise product quality and service to establish a good reputation and brand. But in the end this is our Shanghai dragon Er can control the.

yes, the customer is god. So we should understand the analysis of customer psychology and habits and interests of customers. This is one of the reasons why the long tail keywords can have very high conversion rate of.

4, in-depth analysis of the habits and needs of customers.

3, the traditional Shanghai dragon concept change.

learn to adapt to the situation, identify the enterprise website promotion method is the best, not mechanically those old Shanghai dragon routines. In the era of change, technology is changing, people walk in front of you is a reason, it is no coincidence that

! ranking!



to clearly understand, what is the ultimate goal of enterprise website of Shanghai dragon. Not just for ranking and to do

1, enterprise website optimization has a purpose.


enterprise website of Shanghai dragon is not necessarily! Certainly to the enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng results give based on any data analysis and a large number of successful cases, it is not realistic! Some corporate customers, I contacted the truth, do not understand the Shanghai dragon industry, but their ultimate aim are roughly the same. Is the "website promotion" and "sales promotion". However, most of today’s Shanghai dragon Er we are only stay in the "website promotion" this, with little to the site with marketing ability analysis and research. Of course, I personally at this point has been to study the successful experience of others, after all, the industry’s technology and experience are endless.

5, enough professional content.

2, the correct attitude, less extreme

6, simple >

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