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: Friends of the chain and your website content of your site and all related content, even one is the weight of the site, the other is a fertility site, also each other and your links on a fixed page, this page is basically no content, some link to



the above four characteristics that we often say that the link field in front, we also analyzed the link field effect is very poor, and even bring harm to our normal website, so when we exchange Links and others must be careful.

two: Friends of the chain and your friends are all very much for the link, the link above, even some countries banned some links prohibited, the influence of such links to other regular web site will be very large, nine out of ten will have joint action


but we know for the link field is a must, after all, on the Internet there are said to be friends of the chain, if you put your site chain inside these links, is a very big harm to your site, and even keep your site will be K off, so we understand the characteristics of the link field is very necessary, can effectively avoid the possibility of his being, here’s a brief introduction to the characteristics of the link field

link is one of the most field black hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers commonly used means of doing so can quickly improve website ranking, but now for the link field this page, love Shanghai or Google search engine has been able to have a good judgment, this link for Shanghai dragon optimization effect at all no, even counterproductive, so others might smell, since the link field is an outdated optimization technique, now take out the discussion is not a bit redundant

for Shanghai dragon link field professionals, we certainly will not be unfamiliar, of course, there are a lot of people to link field what is not very clear, in fact, link field is the whole page is all kinds of links, but not what the anchor text to illustrate these links, the page is a link we usually say, this page is the content of these links, without any actual content, and these Web links are links to other websites or other links, this website natural user experience is very poor.

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three: link field inside the URL generally have very long, and is placed in the deep inside the directory, such URL nature is hard to search engine spiders crawl to crawl, so difficult, it can prolong the service life of the link, but the links field can not be love Shanghai to capture, for those of you friends of the chain website that role is very poor!

four: link field managers also remind webmaster, I have made you a link, the link to me you do it, and these links are taking advantage of each other, resulting in weight two websites will decline

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