traffic is not lost nor It is without rhyme or reason., we should do our best to It is without rhyme or reason. exists, analysis, from the user’s point of view, to understand the user, in order to make the user experience of the website. The above is the author’s views, please indicate the Xuzhou billion network company (贵族宝贝xzyw贵族宝贝) original.

"there are too many ads or pop, even if the page content is very attractive to users, but because of" bad experience, I believe that many users to close the page, look for the same information "to visit.

first, "the short residence time, bounce rate is also very high

second, "stay for a long time but out of high rate

The Er Another point is the When the user enters the

solution: to enhance the user experience, increase website viscosity.

when we say this, it is easy to think of the title of the party, many large websites will also use these means to attract traffic (Note: the sina贵族宝贝.cn, suffer) this approach is quite bad, look at the netizens comments, we know! Users close the page, it is logical things.

believes that Shanghai dragon is no stranger to the site within the fine-tuning, when we met the bottleneck of the website ranking, we will adopt the website internal tuning way, to change the site’s ranking, for example: modify title, increase keyword density, bold keywords, enhance the user experience and so on… Sometimes, internal web site fine tune the effect is very good, but sometimes, the internal tuning has caused a fall in the rankings, Xuzhou today talk about billion net internal site should do to adjust up from site traffic statistics.


page added value, causing the user is not interested in access to it, and then jump out of the page.

web search through the way of "the content of the reading, and then close the page. What is the reason for the

this is a lot for the effect of user access to web pages through the search, find the content of high quality, fast access speed, from these two points will be on the site of a certain affirmation, also found that the value of affiliated web page information, reports and so on in the page, the user of the site’s viscosity will be more assured. You know, the user through the search, which explains his intention, is the webmaster to do, with the intention of the user, the information is displayed to the user, so that it can retain users.

page content of high quality, good to meet the needs of the user search.

third, "stay a long time, out of the low rate of


solution: increase the added value of the page, recommended to the user more information, retain the customer is the focus of the web site.

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