since these days "wrote a monthly income of 20 thousand Shanghai dragon is how tempered — a green hand", "a monthly income of 20 thousand Shanghai dragon is how tempered – fall to the bottom", "monthly income of 20 thousand of Shanghai dragon is how tempered – rebirth", this article is this a series for the last one, it is about some of the work I now.

Shanghai Longfeng for so many years, my personal feeling is the biggest change idea, can not always persist in the operation, remember I mentioned in an article on the A5 nofollow problem. Many people are in love that some cases to explain a problem, especially the training institutions in the US in particular serious dragons and fishes jumbled together. I have no objection to our training institutions just entered the circle of friends of Shanghai Longfeng rookie training, but the problem is that many trainers itself is a rookie, not what experience, existing in Shanghai Longfeng environment, more training just put some of the so-called do exaggerate.


is also done to Taobao customers, some people can have a monthly income of 1W, some people have no hair touch, this is the gap. You say is the strength of the gap, I do not think that technology can learn, one day you can also have the technical level and the others. You say is clever questions, I think it is not. The key is the different ideas and different ideas of Shanghai dragon will produce different results of Shanghai dragon, I often said to my team to do a heavy heart, even if you can only do the chain, then you have to use different ideas with others, cannot be called the Shanghai dragon himself in a box a very small space inside.

for my job now, the truth is quite satisfactory, at least still feel really can work and life are melting together, rather than live to work. Everything in this company are fairly smoothly, because of his previous combat experience is very rich, the general problem is basically a small case, it was three months probation, I spent a month on the positive, not what kind of trouble, even if I believe in trouble can quickly solve the.

When Since

finished the first three articles I have been thinking about a problem, in fact, most of the articles I write are just rushed to the title, the contents have no interest, they just want to find some tips for writing about tips for holding Shanghai people Dragon God, actually this is very funny, if you often see that we have been chasing the experts blog, you will find that most of the time Shanghai dragon is a kind of thinking, when an idea into your own thoughts, showing on your website, you can learn their own Shanghai dragon.

said this, I just say one thing, I believe a lot of friends in the group are often.

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