in recent years, Shanghai Longfeng hot career regardless of some big obvious to people, the website, the newly rising website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in general. As an emerging network of entrepreneurs, to make their sites to occupy a position in many sites in Shanghai dragon, who like a wooden bridge, because you want to become a winner, you need some courage and boldness. Many Shanghai dragon ER are in this respect to do a lot of thought and effort, but the web development process is not so easy to Everything is going smoothly. Aofong, exclusive. Especially in recent years, it is the site of the gorgeous or full, have been insufficient to meet the current situation. As the saying goes: "customer is God", only to meet the needs of users, the next will be more clear direction of website operation. A lot of Shanghai dragon ER are aware of this, but the feeling is always just passable. In 2013, Shanghai dragon Er how can grasp the needs of users, the site talent shows itself in Shanghai Longfeng


industry in Shanghai Longfeng, actually there is a very obvious line. It is from the "extension of the first" into the "user first". First of all we know, a web site to the successful operation of web page layout is very important, and the introduction of talent and technology of the Shanghai dragon team unity and cooperation, but then the perfect packaging is over but the needs of users. Innovation comes from the user, the user does not love is a powerful and unconstrained style, or not. We can imagine that in the late spring and a customer into a splendid clothing store to buy clothes in summer, the whole store just for your winter clothes discount, although cheap clothes and good-looking, nor the needs of customers. Therefore, we should dare to innovate, change the operation direction. But innovation is not to say do, to use the scientific method. This is destined to accomplish nothing behind closed doors, many Shanghai ER disease of the feet where the dragon. Many ER Shanghai dragon is the lack of professional knowledge of management, is to rely on the successful experience of others or experience in the battles of Shanghai dragon world, this is not enough. Shanghai Longfeng development also needs the scientific method. If we step back to do market research, understanding of user needs, then we will seize the opportunities. It is no longer we can learn from the successful experience of others, but others learn from our experience. Understand the market opportunities, forerunner to do the market, change the operating direction in time, success always belongs to those who are prepared.

user needs us to do, but to know what users need, don’t know how to user needs to change is of no use. To be successful, to rise to the theory of practice. When we take the first step to understand the needs of users, the second step is in many of the search keywords intermediate analysis, such as analysis of the search keyword access time or jump out rate, pv. This is also an important part of market research, the use of all.

The first step is the

analysis of the key, grasp the key changes in

In recent years the development of

understand the market demand, out of a unique route

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