5) the whole process is equivalent to the weight of their own website, through Links, concentrated in a few key words on the site, do not let the weight distributed to the invalid key, this website keyword weights obtained and voting on a lot, very favorable for ranking.

2) website weight increase, we have a certain impact on the keywords ranking, but has little effect on

The above process is

6) by Links, we put the weight of other key (for us not very useful keywords) transfer to each other, we need each other to return the weight of keywords, after multiple keyword weights will be back and forth, our website is centralized;

, we have been trying the method, the effect is quite good, we only operate in easy dispensers Invoicing software, and not for other industries and sites were tested, the author hopes to learn and colleagues; "

1) many of us outside the chain, mostly hyperlinks and text links, these links directly to our website to bring the weight increase

4) more than friendship website, with the keyword anchor link to our website (not picture link), we get the vote more, keywords ranking will soon go up to

hyperlink and text links directly increase the weight of our web site, but there is a certain increase in ranking, the effect is not very obvious. So not what way, so that we can improve the weights directly from the web site to translate into improved ranking? According to our long-term observation, to ease the shopkeeper Invoicing software this website was tested and found to have such a law, to sum up, this is probably a kind of a "truth": the weight caused by super links and text links, through Links, converted to improve keyword rankings:

love Shanghai ranked by many factors. According to our observation, mainly affected by several factors: the weight of the site itself, the chain of keywords anchor link. As a webmaster, basically every day to release the chain, the chain bag in 3 ways: containing keywords pure text outside the chain, the chain link, the anchor text chain; among them, the best is the link anchor text keywords, not only increase the weight of the site, but also improve the keywords ranking second; is a hyperlink, again is pure text links, as we in the webmaster website posted, the pure text link.

for the chain construction, especially the construction of Links, I think you are not strange, probably every day to do the work, so Links how important, what are the benefits of it, we have to use the friendship link below, talk about some of my personal experience:

3) by Links, part of the site for friendship and friendship through weight transfer, transfer back to the site, part of the weight, the key point is that we add keyword anchor link, tell the search engines, our website is doing what

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