site keywords are ranking well, you can go to my query lists and you know those rankings, key rankings are very good in love with the sea.

recently must have many webmaster friends to see a lot of website love Shanghai snapshot time stay in October 28th, including the big portal site, Sina, NetEase, Tencent, and even love their stay in Shanghai that day, in addition, also including TV Hunan TV, trading platform pig, dangdang贵族宝贝. But the station is also so many, all is to stay in the day. Presumably many webmaster wonder, these sites are updated frequently, and the site high reputation, the chain is also very rich in resources, how will love Shanghai snapshot not update it? Today is 1028 of the reasons that the love of Shanghai.

These 4.

do not know if you see the picture contrast what was found no, these snapshots remain in the 1028 page is the page for updates, but almost all love Shanghai snapshot is normal. In addition, Fanfan through access to a large number of small and large web site information, summarize and love Shanghai snapshot staff communication in a few of the problem in common:

2. of these sites are brand attributes, is also the site has its own unique brand identity, such as dangdang贵族宝贝, pig, Sina, some of the same station too, although its brand awareness is not high, but its brand attributes is love Shanghai recognized.


in many forums and websites are introduced in a variety of way to update the snapshot every day love Shanghai, is nothing but the contents of the original and updated frequently, the chain to powerful these methods, but we look at these sites no one is not have these elements, but they still remain so snapshot, can no one is universal, and the webmaster for the study of love in Shanghai will continue to advance.

through these common reasons that many websites, Fanfan love Shanghai is in love with the sea in 1028 recognized the site for the user value, directly give high weight, in a certain period not to update the page snapshot information, reduce ongoing information contrast for the database workload, cache page snapshot, but directly to grab the inside pages of information, to identify the weight of the inside pages, the weight increased gradually within the page, provided >

3. of these sites are relatively high, the weight is not that high PR value, is that their user experience is very good, the two visit rate is relatively high.

1. snapshot 1028 website is the website structure stable, here is the basic framework of the website that stability is tested in the sea a long time, no major changes.

The weight of

look at the screenshot snapshot of parts of the site:

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