fourth: the website main target keywords whether ranking is very good, this is one of the important factors that affect the weights of the website, because when your target keywords have very good rankings, so the weight of your site will certainly be very high.

original article please indicate the transfer >

Biden to talk about factors influencing the weights of the website today, and how to increase website weight. Biden this blog for more than a month, with the original, the weight can also be to love Shanghai. Many people may ask how to determine the site height weight? Think in addition to beiren ranking, the most directly determine a weight and height of the web site is to use the domain command to love Shanghai. If you are in the first page, then congratulations, you stand weight love Shanghai is still face. If you need to pay attention. To talk about the factors influencing the weights of the website and the solutions.

fifth: the number of backlinks website, the reverse link is other website links to your website, search engines will think that since there are many websites that will link to your site, then it must think your website is also available, some are welcome, so the weight of your site of course don’t give you low. Of course, not only the number of backlinks to have high quality. I like a station, you can check, the chain is many. But the weight is very low for the love of Shanghai. The reason is because of the high quality of the chain is small.

The rest of the

1: as the saying goes good shade tree. With the help of some high weight site to do the chain, such as: edu, gov at the end of the domain name of the website is very good for the weight of the ZhengZhan ascension when the. And the more the old domain name for weight is also good. The first scheme so as to increase the weights of the website is to try to find these resources. To do the chain.

sixth: PR high site general website weight it is very high, so one of the PR value high site also affect the site weight factor. But on the other hand PR worth high behind and user experience of the original article.

second: update frequency factor. If the content of your site is the latest? If you update the site half your time, so it is difficult to spider will often visit your website, your website’s weight naturally high. So as far as possible, often develop the habit of regularly updated.

third: the quality factor of website, search engine is the most love the original article. Even if your site is not original. Then modify the title or pseudo original is much better than naked plagiarism. But for the long-term development, or suggest taking the original route. This user experience or more.

including the station anchor text, web site keywords layout, and whether the contents of the page are professional and authoritative has a great relationship, there are more factors. I hope you can with beiren Shanghai dragon Er exchange. At the same time, I hope that we can each one airs his own views.

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