, I love Shanghai 3 estimates will use page and page separate statistics, but this time is not the code will need to change.


2, Shanghai has been divided into love to share statistics page inserted into the code, if the number of share in the page display, is the entire station is not what meaning.


today is also installed on the statistics page, see this situation, I decided later, love Shanghai stabilized to install it."

Wuhan of Shanghai.

"Diary of March 1st" today with Shanghai dragon friends found love Shanghai little finger without love, estimated Shanghai really want to know, I am debugging, today has just appeared in the little finger, has been shared 7 times, the results before I can’t screenshots, let me a little depressed. Therefore, my analysis is as follows:

I want to

1, former statistics home location sharing times, the love of Shanghai is ZhengZhan snapshot share number.

front page "icon" share does not look good, so I kept "suspended", love Shanghai share are very clever, if you installed the "icon" page, "suspended" will automatically disappear, do not affect the appearance. The following screenshot sharing installation.

love Shanghai share or good, although I started using JIATHIS, but others have seen behind the blog and thumbling sharing times, heart itch up. He can attract many visitors a eye ah, if not installed, behind, and just a month ago, I was worried to love Shanghai to share, download the code, attached to my blog. But after installation of blog to share, love Shanghai repeatedly updated, did not appear the number and share account. In March 1st, Shanghai yesterday, love again updated my blog, he finally appeared! Share 7 times, when I shot micro-blog station, I suddenly saw part of webmaster speculation over a day in the group, he did not love, and Shanghai share in the adjustment, therefore also, I wrote an article excerpts are as follows:

love Shanghai share analysis:

group today grassroots again jubilation, love Shanghai he returned, visible love Shanghai is indeed the adjustment of every act and every move, touched the hearts of many people, and I decided to share my love of Shanghai is installed in the ZBLOG article on the page. When I install the code, I have removed the previous code, but directly to Shanghai to share the "icon" to install the ZBLOG page, the page can be directly call single.html, call the "/web/THEMES/ address for your theme name /TEMPLATE/single.html, mounted to the location you want.

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