today to share a little knowledge about the love of Shanghai index, I just found:


I will go to Shanghai to find the love of

then I occasionally think of procedures + is a conjunction, it is the sum of two words? In reality we think + number is added, I click into place:

my friend made a page, the word row in Shanghai love home, but one day traffic is about 10ip, so high index. Why so little traffic?


I’ll check Brian respectively and Shanghai dragon two words index.

so, why so many traffic related pages so few people do not have the word

is the first to say a word recently very fire, Brian+ Shanghai dragon, is a friend of mining the long tail word that can be seen today’s index of almost 7000, and love Shanghai but only dozens of related pages,

we can see that the word Brian is 498 in yesterday’s index of two from the above chart, the word Shanghai Longfeng index is 6001.

Brian+ Shanghai Longfeng index was Brian and the sum of Shanghai dragon.

The original

Brian+ Shanghai Brian Shanghai dragon dragon, found the name of a singer, but recently very fire. But the word index not ah. That many people search Brian Shanghai dragon, why Brian+ Shanghai Longfeng is high index

then, my friend asked me if I love Shanghai index is not accurate? I said I usually see index, index also can feel, although it is a relatively accurate statistics, but still.

index is so high, so little traffic is the first time to see it, it want to don’t understand.


if we look Brian+ Shanghai Longfeng index, 6449 is yesterday, through these three data you see, 498+6001=6449.


because I was in Ji’nan, I then verify the construction site in Ji’nan, Ji’nan and the three words, website construction, and my guess is the same. Two original word index query can connect two words together with +. Or two words with a plus, the query index is two words.

actually do Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon or a little understanding of knowledge, basically all know what is the meaning of love Shanghai index, today is not here to talk about the love of Shanghai index. Now direct access to the theme of

is not a long time to write the article, but also a long time did not manage their own website, ranking out of the night a lot, is the original home row, ha ha. To organize the site, do it again.

But the

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