for Web links, website to notice the first time search engine and make relevant treatment; for failure information and resources, it is necessary to conduct regular site investigation and relevant updates; for web information permissions or related popular plugin bundled website it is necessary to simplify or weaken, thus minimizing the cost of user access to relevant information.

", is also the value, so it must ensure that the quality of this, we need to create content. The best is poured into more professional knowledge and experience, spent time and energy seriously to editing or creation, so the content of high production cost, high gold content, original degree is high, clear and complete, rich enough to support the entire page theme, and better meet the needs of users, so that customer satisfaction.

in conclusion, "the quality evaluation standard for the user or after all.

accessibility: resource availability, the main data can be browse

era of fragmentation, users are more likely to quickly obtain the required information. At this time, "as far as possible for the user to provide a one-time direct access to relevant information content, reduce the user access restrictions, reduce death or failure information, improve web resource availability and effectiveness, thereby improving the web page theme helps fundamentally can be browse.

love Shanghai in its Web search quality white paper, the search engine’s mission is to provide users can meet the demand of the high quality content, and according to the quality of "the sort of adjustment. Accordingly, in the love of Shanghai in search of more high quality "is to get more opportunity to show, on the contrary, the lower the quality of" the opportunity to show will be less, or even not included.


second, web browsing experience.

in general, users are more willing to see clean and easy to read. Any form of advertising or mess too much will affect the user’s browsing experience. This requires the web page layout layout clear and reasonable, beautiful appearance, easy to distinguish, users need the content in the most important position of the enterprise, all kinds of difficult factors to reduce the user to read the contents, so that web content to highlight the theme, expression is clear, let users to browse to more easily and smoothly.

, the first web content quality.

in addition, web pages can be accessed through the page tab or page layout in various ways such as advertising and content to distinguish, reduce advertising occupy the main page content location of the opportunity, and to minimize the window advertising or floating ads appear, to avoid confusion, advertising and advertising content theme content occlusion phenomenon, avoiding influence of advertising on user access the main contents of information, so as to make the page more easy to read and navigate, to truly improve the web browsing experience.

The main content is "

three, web accessibility.

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