with the recent birth of 360 search, 3B war has kicked off 360 of the search but the tour although neither fish nor fowl into flow capacity can not be overlooked, love Shanghai will continue to optimize their martial arts, with the birth of 360 against the search, that provide users with more high-quality content for the fight to rival the killer.

The In this paper,

notice issued the webmaster boiling again, some people are happy people worry, but the distance love Shanghai the announcement 2 days later, I found that love Shanghai algorithm is not yet done, the main reason is that falling in love with Haitong report, fourth, posing as the official website to trick users in the title and meta tags in the.


love Shanghai 6.22, the 6.28 upgrade algorithm in large quantities of site is down right, included reducing, even by the K, from this series of actions can be seen in the fight against spam love Shanghai’s determination and unremittingly to provide users with high-quality original content target.

I love Shanghai in search: peacebird Yurakucho official results (8.24 at 11:00 at 12:00 to search the screenshot, the word has not found)

website is love Shanghai sample fourth of the demonstration sites, since the site’s ranking is still not change that love the Shanghai algorithm is still not effective, I expect since love Shanghai has issued a notice on Sunday will be the latest update, the possibility of relatively large (Saturday morning for the 12:00 case, Taiping the bird Yurakucho website search words have been unable to find an example website means love Shanghai algorithm has come into effect, and more) you observe your site changes, make timely adjustments, if you believe that your site is error handling, landing 贵族宝贝tousu.baidu贵族宝贝/webmaster/suggest feedback channel.

from Xi’an, Shanghai dragon consultant Jiang Wenbo, the original address: 贵族宝贝jiangwenbo贵族宝贝/wangzhanyouhua/baidu-8-22-suanfa-shengji-weishengxiao.html

statement is not true


love Shanghai webmaster community 8.22 announcement "love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, will affect the cheating site included and low-quality site ranking" described in the paper will hit mainly as random sampling, super chain cheating and affect the user experience of the website, and gave the relevant examples that the webmaster, said the update algorithm will enable 4%~5% keywords search experience improved algorithm, the accuracy rate reaches a fairly high degree.


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