how talent shows itself?

we do small and medium sized enterprises in Shanghai dragon will often feel very distressed, especially a few months before the website has just started, the hand also does not have what resources, nor what website weights, naturally there is no good rankings. But time is money, Shanghai dragon can wait, but the boss can not wait, please the boss of Shanghai dragon’s purpose is to obtain the free flow of love from Shanghai. If the cost exceeds the Shanghai dragon please love Shanghai promotion cost, certainly do not want the boss. Small and medium sized companies in Shanghai Longfeng many times only one person, because we

station as little as possible to put ads, many of our Shanghai dragon love learning station, opened his website, the buffer as little as 10 seconds, the result out of a substantial advertising, the customer has not see the content of your website, you have this advertisement away, just think, that we can learn to have the resources station station? The performance of the server, 100 times better than you, your site open speed seckill a century, we do it again, it is presumptuous. Our small and medium enterprises station advertising can not be too strong, try to set up a simple and generous, to give customers a refreshing feeling, otherwise it will cause customers resentment or distrust. Some websites such as online consultation popups, generally we hang a online customer service is enough, too much will lead to customer dissatisfaction.

China has an old saying: small but complete. We as small and medium enterprises in Shanghai dragon, both from the human resource and we are at a disadvantage, but it does not mean that we have absolutely no chance in this industry. We should avoid weaknesses, play their own advantages, so as to make itself in an invincible position. What should we do?

, a station must be "small and fine".

two, outside the station to carry out effective promotion.

1. removal station interference of the contents of the user.

2. customers are most concerned about the content on the website is the most important position.

small and medium enterprise site due to limited resources, the promotion channel is very small, but we can create demand, NH through creating Shanghai Longfeng blogs for their website promotion, thus bringing traffic to your website, effectively promote the keywords ranking. The >

usually do not know if you have not found when shopping, the main position of supermarket display on both sides of the main channel of the supermarket or food, because food is most of the guests can buy most things, that if we put these things in the supermarket is not a corner of the eye, the customer is not to spend a lot of time, or the customer will think this supermarket is very user-friendly? Then applied to our website, we should be at the site of the most important position, let the customer come to browse to the desired content, this is the most basic site optimization. The site at the upper left is a golden Zone site, so we should take careful layout of the gold region, good steel should be used wisely.

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